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Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance

Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance for Apartments & Condos

If you manage an apartment complex, you know that the condition of your parking lot and drives is of major importance to your tenants. They will be quick to complain if they encounter a pothole that jars their vehicle or causes them to stumble. However, you might be less aware of the fact that the appearance of your asphalt pavement is often critical when prospective tenants view your property for the first time. The more attractive your pavement appears, the better impression your property will make overall. Keeping your asphalt pavement in sound, attractive condition typically involves little more than economical preventive maintenance.


Professional Sealcoating

New asphalt pavement has a smooth, even surface and a rich, deep color. In time, exposure to the elements and wear from traffic can reveal surface imperfections and cause the color to fade. Sealcoating protects against damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, smooths minor imperfections and restores the pavement’s color.

Parking Lot Striping

Fresh paint goes hand-in-hand with fresh sealcoating if you want to have the most attractive parking lot. Well-defined parking spaces reduce confusion and can reduce “dings” on your tenants’ vehicles. Having pavement markings applied to direct the flow of traffic can also make your apartments safer for tenants.

ADA Compliance

You may be aware that you can incur fines if you do not comply with the guidelines provided in the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA-compliance, however, can be a complex issue to navigate. Having an asphalt contractor who remains current on all changes to the ADA can help you ensure that you are in compliance on all issues.

Catch Basins

Catch basins or storm drains are important parts of managing storm water. They can fail for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause of failure involves water that has infiltrated around the frame and then frozen. Once the bond is broken, they can begin to sink from the stress of traffic. If not repaired, a sink hole can form that is of sufficient size to damage vehicles if unsuspecting drivers encounter it.

Asphalt Repair

Sooner or later, all asphalt pavement is going to need a little help. If cracks are neglected, they will only expand into longer, wider cracks and potholes. These are unattractive and potentially hazardous, but they also allow water to reach the foundation that supports your pavement. If the foundations becomes eroded, you will likely have to rebuild the damaged foundation before replacing the pavement.

Where to Find Help

APM has been assisting apartment managers in Central Kentucky with their asphalt-related needs for more than 30 years. As a full-service asphalt maintenance company, we offer the latest technologies and methods to ensure quality work at competitive prices. Our crews are experienced, highly trained and dedicated to outstanding customer service. You can request a free estimate by calling (859) 299-8111 or submitting our online form.

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