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Most churches must cope with a budget that can make it difficult to provide all of the social assistance their community needs and still maintain their properties sufficiently. In many cases, they must rely on volunteers to perform routine maintenance chores. Few of these volunteers are skilled at repairing and maintaining asphalt pavement, so church parking lots are often neglected. Unfortunately, without the proper maintenance, a congregation can find itself faced with the prospect of replacing an asphalt parking lot many years before the pavement’s life should have ended. APM understands the special challenges that churches face, and we offer a full range of services to help you protect the safety of your congregation as well as your investment.


If your budget allows only one preventive maintenance procedure, we recommend sealcoating. Sealants can dramatically enhance the appearance of asphalt pavement, but more importantly, it is a very economical way to prolong the life of asphalt pavement. Sealcoating guards against the damages caused by UV rays and automotive fluids, and it can help prevent damages caused by water.

Pothole Repairs

Potholes are typically the result of water penetrating to the pavement’s foundation and destabilizing it. Damages can continue to increase until your pavement is beyond repair. Furthermore, potholes have been responsible for countless sprained ankles and falls. While this is an important consideration for all, it is even more critical if you congregation includes elderly or disabled members or young children.

Crack Filling

Like potholes, cracks can allow water penetration, leading to a damaged foundation. Crack filling is an economical process, however, especially if performed while the cracks are still relatively small.

Parking Lot Striping

When your parking lot is not properly marked, drivers can become confused. This can make the area less safe for drivers and pedestrians alike. Parking lot striping makes it clear where each stall begins and ends. Other markings, such those denoting handicapped-accessible spaces, fire lanes or pedestrian crossings, can also make your parking lot a safer, more attractive environment.

Asphalt Overlays

Depending on the condition of your pavement, an asphalt overlay can sometimes be a good way to postpone replacement. An overlay is basically a thin layer that is applied to existing pavement as a patch job. Overlays are typically used as a temporary solution to gain a bit more time before the pavement is replaced, and they are not appropriate for pavements with foundation issues.

Let APM Help

APM has been helping churches throughout most of Central Kentucky protect their investments for more than 35 years. We would be happy to inspect your pavement and help you create a schedule to maintain it and keep it in good repair. Our company has established an exceptional reputation for customer service, quality work and reasonable prices. For a free, no-obligation quote, use our online form to send us your information, or call our office at (859) 299-8111.

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